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My name is Annelise Sunanda and in 2010 I found my calling as Craniosacral therapist. It has profoundly changed me and my life.


Earlier that year I was faced with a very sick, colicky horse. Not knowing what to do, I placed my hands on its flank and began palpating the tissue and connecting with its energy by opening my heart. What happened next was a beautiful exchange, between me and the horse (on some unseen level) and the horse ended up recovering. I was deeply moved and felt immense gratitude. I knew then that this was a path I needed to follow and that same year I discovered Craniosacral therapy. Three years later, I received my certification from the Upledger Institute, a health resource centre recognized world-wide for its excellent education programs and producing well qualified therapists.


I strongly believe that periodically re-evaluating my skills and being open to new information is essential to staying fluid and up-to-date in an ever-changing world. Nine years after my first encounter with that horse, I feel compelled to change the course of my practice to a more holistic/spiritual approach. Craniosacral therapy is a multi-dimensional way of healing and is therefore a perfect modality to combine the physical, emotional, psychosomatic and spiritual.

I provide a safe environment; there is no pressure, no hidden agenda and no expectation. I only listen to your deepest soul desire (in the present moment).

Annelise Sunanda


If you feel you recognize yourself in the above description, please contact me so we can explore if Craniosacral therapy is a good fit for you.