Are you a parent of a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or do you suspect that your child has many of the symptoms mentioned on the previous page? But do you also know that there is a very special soul behind that (often) empty gaze? Then I invite you to keep reading about the side of autism that is less talked about; a side that is so exquisitely sensitive that the sensory input from the outside is often too much to bear.


Some believe that an autistic person's neurological system is wired different from that of a neurotypical person and that, as a result, these children/adults are gifted with extraordinary sensitivities, such as clairvoyance clairaudience clairsentience and claircognizance.


If there is a mystical aspect to autism,


  • could it be then that because an autistic brain is wired differently and that the energy that is being transmitted to the body is also different?

  • could it be then, that these neurodevelopmental differences allow the autistic person to tune into something that we ourselves cannot see and perceive?

  • could it be then, that these neurodevelopmental differences allow for a heightened sense of Self and a heightened connection to others?

  • could it be then, that an autistic person is ‘exquisitely sensitive’ as William Stillman says in his book "Autism and the God connection".

  • could it be then, that autism is not a disorder, but a gift?


If you are the parent of a child with autism and you feel the above rings true for you, you probably also intuitively feel that there is something that can be done on another level to help your child learn to cope with these gifts. That there is a way to help these children channel these high frequencies in order to make more sense of this world they live in. After all, this spirit did incarnate into a human body and as such has a reason to be here.


These beings have come into this world with a greater understanding of (and connection with) higher dimensions. They find it difficult and unnatural to be themselves in a hard and unforgiving world and they need help. They have come into a world that does not (yet) understand them, which is why they are labelled with a disorder: autism spectrum disorder. This is not ill will, but merely ignorance.


By tuning into the inherent wisdom of the body and the intelligence that is within and all around us, the mind/body/soul connection can be restored. Trust and faith within the body will be instilled through grounding the subtle energy and connecting it with the solid presence of an earthly existence.


Because it is hard to communicate with children with ASD, we use heart coherence. This is a scientific phenomenon, but simply said, the vibration of LOVE produces heart coherence. There will be an exchange of non-verbal communication and information. Feelings of anger, frustration, distrust and confusion will be transmuted and finally dissolved. These special children can finally unburden themselves.


Having a child with autism affects the whole family. It can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. It is important that you choose the help that is right for you and your child. For more information on Craniosacral therapy and ASD, I invite you to go to


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