What you may experience on a deeper spiritual level?

  • More self awareness and a deeper understanding of oneself.

  • A relaxed and confident way of being.

  • More love for others and more compassion and patience.

  • Improved relationships with your spouse, your children, family and co-workers.

  • An ability to deal with stress more effectively.

  • A renewed outlook on life.

  • More confidence and faith.

  • More insight, clarity and focus.

  • More vitality and renewed energy.

How does Craniosacral therapy work from an energetic perspective?

When the mind (ie. unconscious thoughts and beliefs, ego/personality etc.), is coherent, the energy it sends to the body is positive, loving, forgiving, compassionate, trusting and relaxed. This energy will have a high vibration and will be received and translated by the body in the perfect signals, functions and processes to keep the body functioning optimally.

Therefore, the body will be healthy.


The opposite is equally true. When the mind is negative, afraid or resentful for instance, then a sort of stress vibration will develop in the brain, which prevents the different parts of the brain from communicating effectively with each other. The signals that are sent to the body will be chaotic/incoherent (think of a virus in a computer causing all kinds of problems to the operating system).

Therefore, the body will start to experience pain, disease and depression.


Research shows that when there is a shift from an unorganised state to a more organized vibration, the heart and brain will start to work coherently and information being sent to all the systems of the body will be restored. A body that receives the right signals will be healthy!

Therefore, the body will start to recover and heal.


How does one change the information coming from the brain? How does one change those limiting thoughts? How does one literally change one’s mind?

As we focus on an object or subject, we give it energy. This can be positive by focussing on that which we want to happen, but can also be negative when we focus on that which we fear or which worries us.

Therefore, with attention, energy grows (ie. we get more of it).


When we have an intention, on the other hand, we focus on change. We focus on the idea or inspiration that will change our reality, our life.

Therefore, with intention, energy transforms (ie. we see change and transformation).


Therefore, when we focus our attention during the session on your intention (such as letting go, forgiveness, acceptance or trust for instance), we support your body to align with the mind and soul, thereby integrating mind, body and soul. This is why Craniosacral therapy supports your spiritual growth and helps you to release/transmute the residue of old negative, unhealthy energy so you can, just like a butterfly, transform and emerge into a new state of being, into a new you.


My mission is to help you experience this new, relaxed state of being and knowing. Then you will start practicing this state on your own at home through meditation and/or other techniques.​